If you are a current High School Student, you can start your ROTC journey by applying for an Army ROTC Scholarship!

If you have worked hard and performed both in and out of the classroom, we encourage you to apply for an Army ROTC Scholarship. Follow this link to find out more information. To start your application you must make an account on My GoArmy. Once you make an account, you can then log on to the Scholarship Application to apply.


Even if you did not get a chance to apply for a scholarship in HS, you can still participate in Army ROTC by registering for a Military Science class. You can also compete for a 2-year or 3-year scholarship! Contact us to get started!

Minimum qualifications to contract with our program:

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Full-time enrolled student at UCF, Valencia College, or Seminole State College
  • Between the ages of 17 and 30
  • Physically fit and willing and able to conduct physical exercise

Expect to be asked questions about your grades, physical fitness level, medical history, criminal record, and dependent children.


If you still have at least two full years of work left in your degree, it is not too late to join our Army ROTC program! You can even compete for a scholarship to pay for the remainder of your schooling!

Depending on how far along you are, you may be required to complete additional training to commission on time with your peers.

Contact us to get more information about the options for our accelerated program!


If you’re currently an Enlisted Soldier on Active Duty and you want to become an Officer, the Green-to-Gold program is for you. Green-to-Gold Cadets continue receiving active duty pay and benefits while also pursuing their degrees and participating in ROTC. Green-to-Gold applicants must apply separately to UCF, Valencia College, and Seminole State College, in addition to applying for the Green to Gold program. Those interested in Green to Gold should also contact the ROTC program nearest to their current installation for further guidance and instruction on navigating the Green-to-Gold Process.

More information on Green-to-Gold can be found here.

If you’re currently an Enlisted Soldier in the National Guard or Reserves and you want to become an Officer, the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) is for you. In the SMP program you continue drilling with your National Guard or Reserve unit while also pursuing your degree and participating in ROTC. The SMP program allows you to receive tuition assistance from the National Guard or Reserve while also receiving an ROTC scholarship that you can apply towards Room and Board.

More information on the Simultaneous Membership Program can be found here.



Scholarships can cover either:

  • Full Tuition & School Fees
  • Room & Board

Scholarship funding also includes:

  • $4200 Annual Stipend
  • $1200 Annual Book Allowance