About Us

Who We Are

Army ROTC is a college elective program, designed to develop individual leadership skills for either a military or civilian career. The Fighting Knights Battalion is part of Army ROTC’s 6th Brigade. You can participate in the ROTC program during your freshman and sophomore years of college without any military obligation. Unlike traditional college programs, Army ROTC gives you a wide range of experiences while you work towards your college degree. You will combine classroom instruction with hands-on training. The results are skills that give you an edge over your peers in any field that involves leadership, critical thinking, and decision making.

What We Do

We commission Second Lieutenants into the United States Army!

The University of Central Florida Department of Military Science is home to the Fighting Knights Battalion, the Army ROTC unit that serves students at UCF, Valencia College, and Seminole State College. Our Cadets earn their degrees in the major of their choice while simultaneously training to become Army Officers.

Our curriculum is designed to train and develop future leaders. Military Science courses cover management, ethics, tactics, law, military history, and the fundamentals of leadership. Students get to apply the methods learned in the classroom during weekly leadership labs and once-a-semester field training exercises.

There are 3 weekly components to our program. First is the Military Science Course, which is held once or twice a week (depending on Military Science level) in a classroom setting. Second is a 2-hour leadership lab, which is held once a week in a field or tactical setting. Third is physical training, which is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings on Memory Mall. Cadets also participate in one field training exercise per semester, generally held over a weekend at a nearby military base.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have outstanding character and integrity and embody the Student-Athlete-Leader philosophy
  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Be between the ages of 17-29 at the time of commissioning (age waivers can be submitted for non-scholarship Cadets only)
  • Be a full time college student at a school that offers Army ROTC
  • Pass the Army Combat Fitness Test
  • Meet height and weight standards
  • Pass the DODMERB medical assessment and be medically cleared
  • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

Service Obligation

All Cadets who contract into the program must serve in the Army for 8 years after graduation. There are 2 ways to complete the service obligation:

Option 1 is to serve in the Active Duty Army for 4 years plus another 4 years in the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR). The IRR is comprised of trained Army soldiers who can be called back to active duty in the event of a national crisis. The IRR has no daily requirement and IRR members have no limitations on their civilian lives. More information on the IRR can be found here.

Option 2 is to serve 8 years in the National Guard or Army Reserve.

Scholarship Opportunities

Army ROTC offers two types of scholarships. The first is a National Scholarship, which is a 3-year or 4-year scholarship awarded to high school seniors. The second is a local campus-based scholarship, which is a 2-year, 2.5-year, or 3-year scholarship awarded to college students.

Scholarships cover either full tuition and school fees or room and board. Cadets may decide which option is best for them. If Cadets choose to have their scholarship applied towards tuition, that amount is paid directly to the school. If Cadets choose to have their scholarship applied towards room and board, $6,000 per semester ($12,000 per year) is deposited into their checking accounts to be used at their discretion. ROTC scholarships can be used in conjunction with other scholarships or funding that a student earns.

Scholarships also include a monthly stipend of $420 per month during the school year ($4,200 per year) and a book allowance of $600 per semester ($1,200 per year). The stipend and book allowance are deposited into Cadets’ checking accounts to be used at their discretion.